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matrix seat with support

What can be achieved with custom made seating inserts?

Pressure Relief Seating

The contours of the seat are manufactured to match the shape of the individual, enabling greater surface contact area, allowing improved pressure distribution.

Postural Accommodation and Control

Our range of seating materials can offer various levels of postural support, correction, control and comfort through clinical assessment and technical know how.

Pelvic Correction

Wheelchair cushions can be made in conjunction with Moire Fringe Topography for people with pelvic obliquity.

Odstock Contour Seating System

Developed at Salisbury District Hospital and in routine clinical use since August 1991.
The flexibility of the Odstock technique allows the combining of different foams to create varying levels of support, comfort and pressure relief, to suit the individual clients seating needs

Matrix Seating system and Lynx Seating system

Lynx and Matrix sheets are made up of repeated flexible links that allow them to be transformed into three-dimensional shapes. The shape is then made rigid by tightening the central fixings. By releasing the central fixings the system becomes adjustable to enable modifications and additions to be made as appropriate, within constraints of the frame. We stock the original Matrix and 2nd Generation Matrix.

Hybrid seating

Having access to, various foams, Lynx and Matrix enable the integration of different materials to create optimum seating support for the individual. The different seating materials can also be used to integrate with ‘Off the shelf’ seating products to customise the support offered.

Custom Made Seating Inserts

With the materials available we are able to complement the clinical service with the manufacture of custom made supports. These include flat, ramp, wedged and shaped cushions, and various positional aids. These can be made as a result of a clinical assessment or to the customers own specification.

Accessories and Finishing

Our on-site seamstress provides the covering for all seating products in a range of fabrics, including two way stretch materials. 
We are also able to manufacture custom made Harnesses using a range of webbing, buckles, and fasteners. They can be designed during clinical assessment or to a customers specification.

Please visit our photo gallery to see examples of our special needs seat designs and products.